Work in progress on fluid concepts

We discussed the state of my fluid concept proposal in a CDL call on March 3rd, 2023.

Nutshell version: I'm still shooting for a federated formal concept lattice. It should evolve as a CRDT using definition elements, in particular distinctions and instances. (From a commoning perspective, we need to add …

Ontology Commoning

Though it might not be obvious here, there is a lot of ongoing activity in the hyperknowledge conceptual universe. Among other things, I am working on a prototype of what I described earlier as concept unification/distinction (with a bit of epistemic federation thrown in.) The point is to have …

HyperKnowledge seminar 2

This was the second in a series of seminars examining HyperKnowledge themes, October Friday 29th at 10hEDT. Here are the slides and the recording below.

What was covered:

  1. How to identify statements in a single perspective?
  2. Some formal models
  3. Focusing on Concepts
  4. Internal structure of concepts: a model
  5. Frames and …

HyperKnowledge seminar 1

This was the first in a series of seminars examining HyperKnowledge themes, Tuesday 12th at 13hEDT.

Here are slides.

We looked at the large-scale aims of the HyperKnowledge project, listed specific problems it attempts to solve and why they are important to those aims, and presented proposals for solution to …

First presentation to Canonical Debate Lab

Presentation to Canonical Debate Lab. A good starting point for overall goals, notes below.

State of HyperKnowledge 2020-06


  • Motivations for HK
  • Specific goals
  • State of solutions
  • Applicability to CD


  • Ultimate goal: deliberative democracy. Better conversations about social goals and means.
  • Local and global organizing. Fractal democracy.
  • Many projects …

Doug 50

Thanks to Jack Park and Frode Hegeland, I presented a very early prototype of hyperknowledge in the demo session of the 50th anniversary of the Mother of all demos by Doug Englebart.