This was the first in a series of seminars examining HyperKnowledge themes, Tuesday 12th at 13hEDT.

Here are slides.

We looked at the large-scale aims of the HyperKnowledge project, listed specific problems it attempts to solve and why they are important to those aims, and presented proposals for solution to those problems, where they have been identified. Subsequent seminars will look at some of those problems at greater depth.


  1. Why we choose concept maps rather than text as a sensemaking object (and how to combine them)
  2. Conversations between folksonomy and ontology (progressive formalization)
  3. Issues with naming of contested or emerging concepts
  4. The need for meta-statements
  5. Social synthesis of concepts
  6. Federation vs centralization
  7. Reputation and trust

You can also see the original video (with early slides missing) and audio from the event.

Thank you for those who could be there!