HyperKnowledge seminar 1

This will be the first in a series of seminars examining HyperKnowledge themes.

We will look at the large-scale aims of the HyperKnowledge project, list specific problems it attempts to solve and why they are important to those aims, and present proposals for solution to those problems, where they have …

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First presentation to Canonical Debate Lab

Presentation to Canonical Debate Lab. Video here, notes below. A good starting point for overall goals.

State of HyperKnowledge 2020-06


  • Motivations for HK
  • Specific goals
  • State of solutions
  • Applicability to CD


  • Ultimate goal: deliberative democracy. Better conversations about social goals and means.
  • Local and global organizing. Fractal democracy …
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Doug 50

Thanks to Jack Park and Frode Hegeland, I presented a very early prototype of hyperknowledge in the demo session of the 50th anniversary of the Mother of all demos by Doug Englebart.

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